Are you wondering what the secret of XtraSize is? The answer is: all natural ingredients of the highest quality. All substances used to produce XtraSize are supplied by certified producers, who specialize in the cultivation of herbs and plants grown for dietary and medical purposes.
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Learn more about the basic components of XtraSize

Tribulus Terrestris  is an annual herb found in many tropical and moderate areas around the world. It is considered to assist in increasing testosterone levels. Moreover, it plays an important role in the release of nitric oxide from nerve.
MACA ROOT Maca is a natural drug that helps regulate the levels of hormones and enzymes and thus maintains a proper balance in the body. It enhances the metabolic rate. Also, it may support vitality and affect male performance.
SAW PALMETTO is a plant which Native Americans have used as a remedy for urinary and reproductive function in men. It also keeps your body in good overall condition thanks to the reduction in cholesterol and fatty acids in the blood

Other Ingredients:

L-Arginine HCl: amino acid required for your body to synthesize nitric oxide, which enables the arterial system to retain its youthful elasticity.

Pumpkin seed: it’s a good source of protein. It curbs appetite, and may promote prostate health.

Panax Ginseng: it’s a known and often used medication in the Far East. It gives a boost of energy, helps fight off fatigue, improves concentration.

Sarsaparilla: Traditionally it was used as a herbal supplement for keeping energy level high. The herb is said to stimulate production of natural hormone in men, which may help to restore basic functions. Moreover, it might be helpful in supporting the healthy functions of the body.

Stinging Nettle: has long been used as a herbal remedy and nutritious addition to the diet. Also, it is believed to manage mild discomfort associated with urinary system. Targeted mostly to men, stinging nettle may improve their health.

Licorice Root: it has a positive effect on the endocrine system and improves overall health.